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Product List!!!!:)

Ok boys and girls, under the cut is a big long of the Fantasy Shoes of London styles that will be available to you at Mechanical

Mechanical Bitch Styles

Smegg Commando Boots
Smegg Victim Boots
Smegg Magic Boots
Simply Magic Boots
Platform D-ring Boots
Calf D-ring Boots
3 Strap Fetish Smeggs w/Platform Boots
Outside D-ring Inside Zip Thigh High Boots
Simply Victim Boots
Linda Victim Boots
L5 Victim Boots
L5 Frieda Boots (L5 boots with stiletto heels, and Magic Platforms)
Rubber Thigh Zip Boots
Rubber Thigh Zip with Platforms Boots
D-ring Thigh High (Magic Platforms) Boots
D-ring Rubber Thigh High Boots
D-ring Rubber Thigh High w/Platform Boots
Calf Rubber D-ring Boots
Calf Rubber D-ring Boots w/Platforms
Zip Thigh High Boots
Front D-ring Thigh Boots
Front D-ring Thigh Boots w/Platforms
Ski-hook Thigh High Boots
L5 Magic Boots
Linda Magic Boots
Turbo Magic Boots
Smegg Elevator Boots
Simply Elevator Boots
Gladiator Boots
Storm (L5) Elevator Boots
Storm (L5) Commando Boots
Libby Lift Boots
Libby Magic Boots
Libby Victim Boots
Zak Magic Boots
Zak Magic Boots
Zak Lift Boots
Zak Plate Magic Boots
Zak Plate Victim Boots
Zak Plate Lift Boots
Zak Elevator Boots
Zak Plate Elevator Boots
Smegg Lift Boots
Simply Lift Boots
April Magic Boots
April Victim Boots
Rubber Thigh High Commando D-ring Boots w/Zip
Libby Elevator Lift Boots
L3 Magic Boots
Molly (L3) Lifts Boots
Polly Magic Boots
Storm (L5) Lift Boots
Libby 16 Plate Magic Boots
Libby 16 Plate Lift Boots
Alex Magic thigh High Boots
Alex Victim Thigh High Boots
Alex L8 Magic 8-Strap Thigh High Boots
Alex L8 Victim 8-Strap Thigh High Boots
Jean O-ring Magic Boots
Jean O-ring Victim Boots
Libby 16 Plate Victim Boots
Storm (L5) Wedge Boots
Libby 16 Plate Elevator Boots
Zak Commando Boots
Zak Wedge Boots
Libby Commando Boots
Libby Wedge Boots
Libby 16 Plate Wedge Boots
Libby 16 Plate Commando Boots
Bucket Musketeer Boots
Zak Plate Commando Boots
Linda Lift Boots
SIS Platform Boots, Silver Zips
Linda Flame Flare Boots
Jean Flame Magic Boots
Linda Flare Boots
Jason 10 Strap Winkle Picker Boots
Shirley D-ring Platform Boots, Black Zip
Carolyn D-ring Victim Boots
Linda B-10 Lift Boots
Knee High Rubber Corset Boots
Calf Zip Rubber Boots w/Platforms
Thigh High Rubber Corset Boots
Linda Commando Boots
Libby Easy Plate Lift Boots
Alex L8 Commando 8-Strap Thigh High
Shirley Eyelet Platform Boots, Black Zip
Megan Magic Boots
Megan Victim Boots
Megan Lift Boots
Jason 10-Strap Boots w/BAT Buckles
Jodi Magic Boots
Jodi Victim Boots
Jodi Lift Boots
Charlie Commando Boots
Padded Libby Victim
Charlie Wedge Boots
Rubber Thigh High Commando w/Zip (no laces)
Linda Frieda (Linda Magic sole with Stiletto heel)
15-Hole Safety Boots-Steel Toe-Screw Sole
15-Hole Safety Boots-Steel Toe-Cushion Sole
Linda D-ring Victim Boots
Latex Knee-High Commando Boots
Libby Twin Plate Lift Boots
Double D-ring Calf-High Rubber Boots w/Platform
Linda Lift 5-Strap Velocity Boots
Spirit Boots
Spirit Bat Boots
Spirit Skull Boots
Gloria Boots
Spirit Coffin Boots
Jean Corset Lift Boots w/Zip
Charlie Elevator Boots
Calf Zip Rubber Boots
Smegg Straps (set of 6)
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